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Tequasil Latex

Weight Price Ship Packs
1 Kg 310.00 15 X 1 KG
5 Kg 1500.00 2 X 5 KG
10 Kg 2800.00 1 x 10 KG
20 Kg 5100.00 1 X 20 KG
50 Kg 9975.00 1 X 50 KG
200 Kg 37275.00 1 X 200 KG
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Tequasil Latex is a sbr based copolymer product which is best suitable for any structural repairs and waterproofing applications.It is a styrene butadiene copolymer emulsion specially formulated and modified to be compatible with cementitious mixes.

It is used in waterproof coating for sunken portions of bathrooms, toilets, terraces, chajjas, balconies, podiums, water tanks etc. It is also used as bonding coat for better adhesion of old concrete surface to new concrete surface. It provides excellent adhesion to most building materials. It can be used in preparation of Polymer Modified Concretes used in Repairs and Rehabilitation of RCC Structures. It also serves as an additive for increasing the waterproof property of cement paint, putty, acrylic paints and cement mortars.

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