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Tequasil Crystadd

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4 Kg 1800.00 2 X 4 KG
10 Kg 4150.00 1 x 10 KG
20 Kg 7700.00 1 X 20 KG
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TEQUASIL CRYSTADD is a cementitious admixture, crystalline based hydrophobic in nature specially formulated with modified cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active chemicals. These active chemicals react with the moisture in fresh concrete and with the by-products of cement hydration to cause a catalytic reaction, which generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete. Thus the concrete is protected from deterioration due to harsh environmental conditions.

The active ingredients of TEQUASILCRYSTADD start to penetrate into the capillary pores. Inside the capillary pores the chemicals react with the free lime and moisture forming insoluble crystals. The mechanism moves further into the concrete, sealing the pores. Thus, TEQUASIL CRYSTADD protects concrete and reinforcing steel against the intrusion of chemicals, salt water, sewage and other harmful materials.

TEQUASIL CRYSTADD is used for waterproofing of basements raft, retaining walls, underground water tanks, swimming pools, Reservoirs, sewage and water treatment plants, secondary containment unit, tunnels and subway systems, underground vaults, parking structures, etc.

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